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  'Animal Wayshowers The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness' with Tammy Billups
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"I am working with my current bunny with Tammy in Tandem Healing. And I just want to say a lot of times we go into the session and I think it's about the bunny and it ends up being about me. So it is very organic, she is very good about finding what needs to be worked on in that particular session. And I'm putting a plug in for her. I would highly recommend anybody that's wanting to get a deeper connection with their animal to consider the Tandem Healing."
Cathy, USA

"I give the same plug to Tammy's services... Thank you Christine, for having these conversations. I love them. Thank you Tammy for all you do."
Kitty, USA

"Thank you so much!"
Margaret, Canada

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